Hendrix Genetics receives a multi-year grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to improve poultry production in Africa

The Dutch based company Hendrix Genetics has been awarded a multi-year grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to improve poultry production in Africa. The goals of the Sustainable Access to Poultry Parental Stock to Africa (SAPPSA) project are to secure the supply of parent stock genetics to Africa and to set up a […] ... lees meer

RSM and Global Compact NL close alliance to help business impact SDGs

Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM) and Global Compact Network Netherlands (GCNL) are joining forces to use management knowledge to advance the positive impact of businesses towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals. They signed the alliance at GCNL’s annual meeting, where they launched their SDG progress report ‘Business on their way to 2030’ which was hosted at Erasmus […] ... lees meer

How Companies Can Increase Market Rewards for Sustainability Efforts

There is a connection between public sentiment about a company and how the market rewards its corporate social performance, according to George Serafeim, Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School. For the first time, a link has been drawn between public sentiment about a company’s sustainability practices and how that company is valued in the market. […] ... lees meer

Shell announces plans to set short-term CO2 targets and link these targets to executive remuneration

Royal Dutch Shell plc (Shell) today announces plans to set short-term targets as part of a long-term ambition to reduce the Net Carbon Footprint of its energy products. The company plans to link these targets to executive remuneration, subject to shareholder approval. Shell is announcing the plans in a joint statement developed with institutional investors […] ... lees meer

Business Urges Governments to Step Up Fight Against Climate Change

Heads of 50 major global businesses (including 8 Dutch companies) representing more than $1.5 trillion in total revenue today publish an open letter to world government leaders urging greater collaboration to accelerate outcomes in the race against climate change. Leaders from the World Economic Forum’s Alliance of Climate Action CEOs are committed to using their […] ... lees meer

EU Commission calls for a climate neutral Europe by 2050

Today the European Commission adopted a strategic long-term vision for a prosperous, modern, competitive and climate neutral economy by 2050 – A Clean Planet for all. The strategy shows how Europe can lead the way to climate neutrality by investing into realistic technological solutions, empowering citizens, and aligning action in key areas such as industrial […] ... lees meer

The Club of Rome launched Climate Emergency Plan

The Club of Rome launched its Climate Emergency Plan, a bold and urgent call to action for all stakeholders in the climate challenge. The Plan was presented to the public for the first time during a live global broadcast of a Climate seminar on Saturday, November 24th jointly organised with We Don’t Have Time and Global Utmaning. The Club will […] ... lees meer

Damen holds surplus material auction as part of sustainability drive

Damen Shipyards Group’s commitment to sustainability sees the company regularly considering new initiatives that can improve its environmental performance. The quest for ever-improved sustainability can lead to some unexpected initiatives. One such example is the recent auction of left-over surplus materials. Stock manager Martijn van Tilborg explains, “Auctioning left over shipbuilding materials might not be […] ... lees meer

UN Global Compact launches new report on human rights as the foundation of sustainable business

In celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations Global Compact has released a new report — Human Rights: The Foundation of Sustainable Business — showcasing opportunities for businesses of all sizes and sectors to strengthen and scale up their efforts on human rights. Launched at the 2018 UN Forum on […] ... lees meer

Business leaders launch plan to cut industry emissions to zero

Reaching net-zero carbon emissions from heavy industry and heavy-duty transport sectors is technically and financially possible by 2060 and earlier in developed economies and could cost less than 0.5% of global GDP, according to the report this week by the Energy Transitions Commission (ETC). The report Mission Possible: Reaching net-zero carbon emissions from harder-to-abate sectors […] ... lees meer

The fashion system needs to transition to become a force for good

The fashion industry reaches almost every person on the planet, and is one of the most polluting and in-transparent sectors in the world. The global system is stuck in a cycle of persistent problems. How do we move from small innovations to a fashion transition? C&A Foundation asked DRIFT to help develop a systems change map of the […] ... lees meer

Purpose is a Key Driver of Overall Reputation, According to New Research from Porter Novelli and Cone

Purpose is one of three critical dimensions of overall reputation, according to a study by Porter Novelli and Cone . The study, examining consumer perceptions of the top 200 companies in the U.S., also finds Purpose and Reputation are intrinsically linked. The research revealed there is a strong correlation between Purpose and Reputation as these […] ... lees meer