Purpose is a Key Driver of Overall Reputation, According to New Research from Porter Novelli and Cone

Purpose is one of three critical dimensions of overall reputation, according to a study by Porter Novelli and Cone . The study, examining consumer perceptions of the top 200 companies in the U.S., also finds Purpose and Reputation are intrinsically linked. The research revealed there is a strong correlation between Purpose and Reputation as these […] ... lees meer

New trend report: The New Sustainability: Regeneration

“The New Sustainability: Regeneration,” the latest report from The Innovation Group, explores the rising need for better sustainability. Doing less harm is no longer enough. The future of sustainability is regeneration: replenishing and restoring what we have lost and building economies and communities that thrive, while allowing the planet to thrive too. 2018 has seen […] ... lees meer

Trucost Identifies $233 Billion SDG-Aligned Revenues in Inaugural SDG Evaluation

Trucost, part of S&P Global, has announced findings from the inaugural application of its SDG Evaluation Tool. The 13 companies that participated in the inaugural application generated almost $233 billion of SDG-aligned business revenues in 2017; equivalent to 87% of their total revenues. On September 25th 2015, more than 150 world leaders adopted the United Nations […] ... lees meer

Dutch MUD Jeans member of the Circular Economy 100 Network

The Ellen McArthur Foundation reports that the opportunity for further collaboration has just been scaled with new Circular Economy 100 (CE 100) members, Du Pont Biomaterials, Procter & Gamble, Lucart and MUD Jeans. Bringing together leaders and innovators from around the world, the new members will contribute towards the transition to new business models in […] ... lees meer

Randstad launches global program empowering staff to give back to local communities

Today, Randstad announced the launch of Randstad With Heart, a global program that enables its more than 38,000 employees worldwide to do eight hours of voluntary activities annually during working hours for a charity of their choice. CEO Jacques van den Broek: “Randstad With Heart brings to life our Human Forward promise. People are at […] ... lees meer

European Union commits €300 million for clean, healthy and safe oceans

The European Commission has announced €300 million of EU-funded initiatives, which include projects to tackle plastic pollution, make blue economy more sustainable and improve research and marine surveillance. This important contribution comes on top of the over €550 million committed by the European Union, when it hosted the Our Ocean conference last year in Malta. […] ... lees meer

‘A line in the sand’ – Global Commitment to eliminate plastic pollution at its source

A Global Commitment to eradicate plastic waste and pollution at the source has been signed by 290+ organisations, representing 20% of all plastic packaging produced globally. The Commitment was officially unveiled by Ellen MacArthur at the Our Ocean Conference in Bali today. The New Plastics Economy Global Commitment, led by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, in […] ... lees meer

Ecopreneur launches online Circularity Check

How circular are the products and services your company puts on the market? Ecopreneur.eu, the European Sustainable Business Federation, has launched a user-friendly and free Circularity Check in the form of an online questionnaire, in cooperation with MVO Nederland and WeSustain.  The interest in the circular economy is growing. More and more companies across Europe are […] ... lees meer

Unilever and Veolia sign Collaboration Agreement on Sustainable Packaging

Unilever and Veolia announced that they have signed a collaboration agreement to jointly work on emerging technologies that will help create a circular economy on plastics across various geographies, starting in India and Indonesia. According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, just 14% of the plastic packaging used globally is collected for recycling after use, with […] ... lees meer

Fairphone announces new CEO as latest step in its strategy for growth

Today, Fairphone is pleased to announce that Eva Gouwens, the company’s current managing director, has accepted the role of CEO. This leadership transition is Fairphone’s latest step on the path to strengthening the company’s foundation as it scales up. Bas van Abel, Fairphone’s founder and current CEO, will continue to contribute to the company’s strategic […] ... lees meer

A new bioeconomy strategy for a sustainable Europe

Yesterday the European Commission has put forward an action plan to develop a sustainable and circular bioeconomy that serves Europe’s society, environment and economy. As announced by President Juncker and First Vice-President Timmermans in their letter of intent accompanying President Juncker’s 2018 State of the Union Address, the new bioeconomy strategy is part of the Commission’s drive to boost jobs, growth and […] ... lees meer

DrawDown is the plan to stay within 1.5°C warming as the IPCC recommends, Dutch introduction on 8 November!

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate’s (IPCC) report on 1.5°C stated that we could go past the 1.5°C warming limit as early as 2030 unless all sectors of the world economy were transformed, with steep cuts to greenhouse-gas emissions and massive scale-up of carbon sequestration. DrawDown is the plan to stay within 1.5°C warming. DrawDown will be introduced in […] ... lees meer