Two-thirds of Global Cocoa Supply Agree on Actions to Eliminate Deforestation and Restore Forest Areas

At the UN Climate Change Conference (COP23), top cocoa-producing countries Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana have announced far-reaching Frameworks for Action with leading chocolate and cocoa  companies* to end deforestation and restore forest areas. Central to the Frameworks is a commitment to no further  conversion of any forest land for cocoa production. The companies and governments pledged […] ... lees meer

The Sustainable Competiveness Ranking 2017 is dominated by Nothern European nations

The 6th edition of the Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index (GSCI) is dominated by Northern European nations with the top 5 spots taken by the Scandinavian nations, topped by Sweden. Of the largest economies, Germany is ranked 14th, Japan 20th, the UK 22st, the Netherlands 28th, the US 29th, and China 32nd.   The Global Sustainable Competitiveness […] ... lees meer

Over 150 organisations back call to ban oxo-degradable plastic packaging

Over 150 organisations worldwide endorse a new statement that proposes banning oxo-degradable plastic packaging worldwide. Signatories include leading businesses, industry associations, NGOs, scientists, and elected officials. They include M&S, PepsiCo, Unilever, Veolia, British Plastics Federation Recycling Group, Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association, Packaging South Africa, World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Plymouth Marine Laboratory, and ten Members of the […] ... lees meer

The Best Companies Know How to Balance Strategy and Purpose

Most companies have articulated their purpose — the reason they exist. But very few have made that purpose a reality for their organizations. Consider Nokia. Before the iPhone was introduced, in 2007, Nokia was the dominant mobile phone maker with a clearly stated purpose — “Connecting people” — and an aggressive strategy for sustaining market dominance. Seeking […] ... lees meer

Top 250 firms emit third of CO2; few have strong goals to cut: study

The world’s 250 biggest listed companies account for a third of all man-made greenhouse gas emissions yet few have strong goals to limit rising temperatures, a study showed on Tuesday. Coal India, Gazprom and Exxon Mobil topped the list when measuring carbon dioxide emitted by companies and by consumers using their products, it said. Royal Dutch […] ... lees meer

ExxonMobil Chemical Company Joins The Sustainability Consortium

The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) announced that ExxonMobil Chemical Company has joined as a top-tier member, joining over 100 TSC members working on creating more sustainable products for a more sustainable planet. TSC translates the best sustainability science into business tools that are used all over the world to create more sustainable consumer products. ExxonMobil Chemical, […] ... lees meer

Unsustainable palm oil faces increasing market access risks

The palm oil industry’s transformation towards sustainability gained traction in 2013 when major Southeast Asian palm oil traders/refiners began to embrace ‘No Deforestation No Peat No Exploitation’ (NDPE) sourcing policies. Through such policies, these firms require their suppliers to refrain from clearing forests and peatlands for new oil palm plantations. However, unsustainable practices continue to […] ... lees meer

AkzoNobel receives Environment Responsibility Award from Cefic

AkzoNobel has been presented with this year’s Environment Responsibility Award from the European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic). One of three top awards to be announced, the company was recognized for its partnership approach to developing new value chains that enable substantial carbon footprint reductions in energy use. This includes looking at next generation raw materials, delivering […] ... lees meer

Inclusive growth makes companies stronger and more innovative

Companies that think beyond the bottom line may be stronger and more innovative, a report from Morgan Stanley’s Institute for Sustainable Investing on the private sector’s role in inclusive growth argues. There’s no shortage of opinion on how governments can reduce economic and social disparities, but what about the private sector? The long-held belief that focusing […] ... lees meer

Unilever recognised by CDP for leadership on environmental action

Unilever has been identified as a global leader in corporate sustainability and awarded a position on this year’s A List for climate, water and forests by CDP, the non-profit global environmental disclosure platform. Our goal is to be carbon positive  CDP publishes A-D scores across climate, water and forests for over 3,000 major corporates, with […] ... lees meer