Field to Market and SAI Platform Announce First Use of Joint Equivalency Module by Leading Food Companies Barry Callebaut and Unilever

Field to Market: The Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture and SAI Platform announced the first use of their joint Equivalency Module by leading food companies—Barry Callebaut and Unilever. By piloting the Field to Market/SAI Platform Equivalency Module with U.S. farmers, these companies now benefit from streamlined sustainability assessment. This provides greater efficiency in measuring and assessing […] ... lees meer

Access to Seeds Index publishes the ‘2019 – Synthesis Report’

Since its establishment in 2012, the Access to Seeds Index has set out to increase transparency around the seed industry and encourage the industry to enhance its contribution to the 2030 sustainable development agenda. The index seeks primarily to identify leadership and good practices, providing an evidence base for the discussion on where and how […] ... lees meer

Unilever’s purpose-led brands outperform

Unilever announced yesterday that its purpose-led, Sustainable Living Brands are growing 69% faster than the rest of the business and delivering 75% of the company’s growth. The figures, which were revealed by Unilever CEO Alan Jope at the Deutsche Bank Global Consumer Conference in Paris, demonstrate that: In 2018, Unilever’s Sustainable Living Brands grew 69% […] ... lees meer

Ten Companies (including Unilever) commit to Improving the Health and Empowerment of More Than 250,000 Women Workers in Global Supply Chains

Ten global companies announced new and expansive commitments to improving the health and empowerment of a combined more than 250,000 women workers and community members around the globe. Commitments from Unilever, Twinings, Nordstrom, Lindex, Shahi, MAS Holdings, Hela Clothing, Inditex, Share Hope, and Ethical Apparel Africa will reach workers in 14 countries with health and […] ... lees meer

Ryanair Becomes First EU Airline to Report Monthly CO2 Emissions

Ryanair becomes the first EU airline to release monthly CO2 emissions statistics, which show an average of 66g CO2 per passenger/km in May 2019. Metrics May 2019 Total Kilometres 17,529m km Total Passengers 14.1m Total CO2 Emissions 1,157 kt CO2 Per Pax/km 66g With the highest passenger load factor (96%) and one of the youngest fleets (ave. of 6 […] ... lees meer

Global Brand Leaders Launch “Brands for Good” Movement

A coalition of leading global brands launched Brands for Good, a movement to make sustainable living easier and more rewarding for people around the world. Founding partners on the cutting edge of sustainability, innovation and marketing in the food & beverage, consumer goods & lifestyle, retail and technology industries have agreed to harness their brand […] ... lees meer

Unilever CEO Alan Jope sends open letter about climate change to trade associations and business groups

Alan Jope, CEO of Unilever, sends an open letter on World Environment Day to the company’s trade associations and business groups to confirm their position on climate policy is consistent with our views and the 1.5 degree ambition of the Paris Agreement. The letter: “Climate change is one of the greatest challenges we face, as […] ... lees meer

Unilever, Patagonia, and IKEA are the Most Recognized Sustainability Leaders: 2019 Leaders Survey Results

Findings from the just-released 2019 Leaders Survey by GlobeScan and SustainAbility show that, while still trailing Unilever, Patagonia and IKEA have made substantial gains in recognition for sustainability leadership over the past year. The gap between the top tier and second tier in this annual ranking has narrowed, as Unilever’s long-standing dominance has declined. The Leaders Survey has tracked […] ... lees meer

World’s biggest companies face $1 trillion in climate change risks

A group of the world’s biggest companies1 representing nearly US$17 trillion in market capitalization have valued the climate risks to their businesses at almost US$1 trillion – with many likely to hit within the next 5 years. This is revealed in a groundbreaking new report published today by CDP, which runs the global disclosure system for environmental information. Over […] ... lees meer