The BSD Global Guide: helping business to do better by doing good

A web-based guide that shows businesses how to enhance their bottom line by putting the principles of sustainable development into practice goes online Monday, December 3. Business and Sustainable Development – A Global Guide ( puts practical applications of sustainable business into the hands of corporate decision-makers. It was created through a partnership between the Canadian-based International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) and the independent, Swiss-based Foundation for Global Responsibility, which specializes in promoting sustainable business practices. -In the run-up to next year’s World Summit on Sustainable Development, industry is increasingly being put under the spotlight and expected to play its part in creating a world that’s fit for future generations,” said David Runnalls, President of IISD. -Sustainable development offers big opportunities for business. The so-called -triple bottom line’ – taking into account financial, environmental and social aspects – is now widely used in gauging business performance. Companies can no longer afford to ignore the social and environmental impacts of their activities.” ... lees meer