Worldwide transport activity to double, emissions to rise further

Global transport activity will more than double by 2050, and traffic emissions will rise by 16% compared to 2015 – even if existing commitments to decarbonise transport are fully implemented. Any currently expected emissions reductions will be more than offset by the increased demand for transport. However, transport CO2 emissions can be cut by almost […] ... lees meer

ABN AMRO Clearing and Land Life Company join forces in a five-year global reforestation program

ABN AMRO Clearing and Land Life Company will kick off a five-year reforestation program this summer that includes large-scale tree plantings across the globe. In addition, ABN AMRO Clearing will invite its employees out into the field for company planting days in countries where ABN AMRO Clearing is based such as the Netherlands, United Kingdom, […] ... lees meer

Corporate Sustainability Goals Are Here to Stay, But Delivering Tangible Results Remains a Challenge

Companies of all sizes across business sectors are elevating sustainability as a core tenet of their practices, yet a new Black & Veatch report discovers that many companies continue to establish targets without a clear understanding of how to achieve them. Black & Veatch’s Corporate Sustainability Goal Setting and Measurement report, developed with GreenBiz Group and released today […] ... lees meer

Philips renews strategic partnership with Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Philips joined the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Network as part of the company’s commitment to actively drive the transition to a circular economy. Because circular solutions can help tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges, including climate change, waste, pollution, and biodiversity loss, implementing the circular economy has been one of the key pillars of Philips’ past and […] ... lees meer

ClimateCare and Natural Capital Partners Merge to form world-leading Voluntary Carbon Market Group

Two of the most well respected and experienced organisations operating in the Voluntary Carbon Market, ClimateCare and Natural Capital Partners, have today come together to form a world-leading solutions provider for companies and organisations looking to meet ambitious climate goals. The combined group has been responsible for the reduction of more than 100 million tonnes of CO2e. […] ... lees meer

Gartner Says CFOs Must Embed Corporate Sustainability in Their Firms’ Investment Proposition

CFOs who improve their organization’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting to investors will enjoy improved access to capital, stock performance, and customer loyalty, according to Gartner, Inc. “Approximately one in 10 investors find the ESG information they are looking for in corporate disclosures,” said Stephen Adams, director in the Gartner Finance practice. “There is […] ... lees meer

New data reveals younger generations lead momentum for sustainable packaging, despite pandemic disruption

Despite a year of unprecedented disruption, new data reveals that consumer demand for sustainable packaging continues to grow, led by a younger generation who are overwhelmingly willing to pay more for packaging that they consider to be eco-friendly. Today, Dutch based Trivium Packaging, a $2.7B global metal packaging company, releases its 2021 Global Buying Green […] ... lees meer

McKinsey launches Sustainability platform for helping clients innovate to net zero

McKinsey announced the launch of McKinsey Sustainability, their new client-service platform with the goal of helping all industry sectors transform to get to net zero by 2050 and to cut carbon emissions by half by 2030. McKinsey Sustainability seeks to be the preeminent impact partner and advisor for our clients, from the board room to the […] ... lees meer

Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) 3.0 launch accelerates growth of sustainable agriculture

SAI Platform today unveils the new and improved Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) toolset, version FSA 3.0. This new version includes the widely trusted Self-Assessment Questionnaire that reflects the latest industry consensus on sustainable farming. Building on the success of previous iterations, FSA 3.0 also continues to serve as a global verification framework and benchmark reference […] ... lees meer

ING research shows that companies have actually accelerated their green transformation plans

With many businesses struggling to stay afloat through the Covid-19 pandemic, what has happened to their sustainability ambitions? ING asked companies and investors to find out. ING research shows that companies have actually accelerated their green transformation plans, and investors are demanding harder environmental targets. At the same time, there must be greater transparency about […] ... lees meer

AccountAbility Principles Course Now Available on Earth Academy

Global consulting and standards firm, AccountAbility, and Amsterdam-based sustainability education platform, Earth Academy, have together launched a self-paced AccountAbility Principles (AA1000AP, 2018) course – now available via Earth Academy’s digital learning platform. The AA1000AP (2018) is an internationally accepted, principles-based framework that guides organizations through the process of identifying, prioritizing, and responding to sustainability challenges, with the goal […] ... lees meer