IMCD Group, a leading Dutch based distributor of speciality chemicals and ingredients, its proud to announce that it has become a new member of Together for Sustainability (TfS). TfS is a member-driven initiative that aims to raise CSR standards throughout the chemical industry. Its network is comprised of world-leading chemical companies committed to making sustainability improvements within their own operations as well as their suppliers.

“The sustainability challenges we face today can only be tackled in collaboration. It is about working together, being transparent and sharing knowledge. We believe that joining TfS brings us a step closer towards improving our sustainability performance and accelerating the sustainability journey of our customers and suppliers. We are looking forward to working closely with TfS and its members to create solutions and share knowledge and expertise in the supply chain,” states Marcus Jordan, Chief Operating Officer at IMCD.

“Sustainability is a top priority within IMCD. We adhere to the principles of Responsible Care® and have been supporting the Ten Principals of the United Nations Global Compact as an official signatory since the beginning of the year. EcoVadis has also recognised our efforts with a gold rating, which reassures our business partners that IMCD meets the sustainability standards in all areas of its business. This membership enables us to continue our journey towards a sustainable future,” says Stan Bijsterveld, IMCD Global Supply Chain, HSEQR and Sustainability Director.

“I am very proud to welcome IMCD Group to the TfS family. The arrival of IMCD Group expands our reach and increases our impact on the sustainability performance in chemical supply chains around the world. As the need for sustainable businesses only intensifies, TfS is the crucial enabler to make supply chains and businesses at large more sustainable and resilient, and contribute to developing a better world,” says Bertrand Conquéret, President Together for Sustainability.

Recently, IMCD received an Sustainalytics ESG Risk Rating of 13.8, ranking first among over 180 international peer companies in trading and distribution, and indicating that the company was at low risk of experiencing material financial impacts for ESG factors.