Tickling Sharks: How We Sold Business on Sustainability

Auteur(s): John Elkington
Publicatie: april 2024
Prijs: $ 22,95
Taal: Engels

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Speaking Tomorrow’s Truth to Power

Sustainability is going mainstream—but where did the story start? For decades, the traditional capitalist business model required growth at all costs. Business-as-usual guaranteed unsustainability. Now, in contrast, we see growing adoption of greener practices, but where did these ideas come from—and where are the linked movements headed?

Drawing on a half century of experience since the early seventies, “Godfather of Sustainability” John Elkington explains how a series of societal pressure waves have helped to transform business, markets, and, ultimately, capitalism. He explains how he came to “tickle” the human sharks of the corporate world, encouraging them to embrace once-unthinkable ways of addressing new social, economic, environmental, and governance priorities.

John’s candid memoir tracks his colorful journey through youthful misadventures and inspirations to his pioneering work making business sense of sustainability. Written in a knowledgeable, thoughtful, and humorous voice, this witness statement explains—and criticizes—progress to date before sketching a manifesto for those determined to make the global economy more responsible, more resilient, and, crucially, more regenerative.