Thriving. The Breakthrough Movement to Regenerate Nature, Society, and the Economy

Auteur(s): Wayne Visser
Publicatie: februari 2022
Prijs: € 25,99
Taal: Engels

A positive solution to climate destruction that recognizes the need to integrate natural and social sciences and business. Written by a top thinker in sustainability and responsible business, Thriving promotes change through innovation and transformation in nature, society, and the economy. Topics are wide-ranging, including evolution, ecosystems, psychology, mental and physical well-being, computer technology, blockchain, climate change, organic farming, plant-based diets, renewable energy, social business, and triple-bottom-line value, among others, to present a comprehensive solution for a better future.

Thriving strives to:

* Inform about why change is necessary and how it happens in society, as well as to counter prevailing despair and pessimism about the state of the world with hope and optimism

* Inspire with what change is possible and where it is already happening, showing how we can go from problems of breakdown to breakthrough solutions

* Impel by creating a desire to turn information and inspiration into action, adding momentum to the growing regeneration movement This thorough guide will appeal not only to professionals in the sustainability field but also to members of the concerned public who want to be better informed about ways to take positive action