How to be a Chief Sustainability Officer: Leading the Transition to a Sustainable Organisation

Auteur(s): Anna Krotova & Jennifer Geary
Publicatie: juni 2024
Prijs: € 14,99
Taal: Engels

The Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) has become a crucial member of the leadership team, deeply involved in shaping company strategy and operations. However, despite the abundance of sustainability theory, practical and consolidated information on how to execute the corporate sustainability function remains elusive.

This book guides new or prospective CSOs through the foundational work that will ensure they anchor sustainability within the core of an organisation, focus on impactful changes, and avoid distraction and “greenwash.”

Using a tried-and-tested framework, this book deconstructs the CSO role. It links sustainability to three core areas of the business: culture, strategy, and execution. It guides the reader through seven technical areas that make up the full sustainability role, including impact measurement and materiality assessment, the development of sustainability policies, risk management, reporting, investor relations, and communications. It covers building your team and leveraging technology. Finally, it looks to the future of this rapidly evolving area.

This hands-on, comprehensive book condenses over 20 years of sustainability theory and collective management experience into a solid guide for sustainability leaders. It is also an important reference for Boards, Committees, and executives who want to embrace the sustainability transition and position their organisations for long-term, ethically driven success.