Great Leaders Mix and Match. Get ready for the future with the ideaDJ strategy

Auteur(s): Ramon Vullings
Publicatie: april 2021
Prijs: € 17,39
Taal: Engels

Great Leaders Mix and Match is a manifesto for more beautiful combinations in (business) life. The world faces complex challenges and these challenges can only be resolved by mixing and matching ideas. The beauty here lies in the elegance of the solutions which actually make the (business) world a better place and how we are able to solve multiple challenges in one go. Think of a waste incarnation plant which doubles as ski hill. Or think of new solutions for care: an elderly home, combined with children day care and an animal farm, where all parties benefit from the combination. These are real cases where the total (combination) is clearly more than the sum of its parts.

This book serves as a manual and toolbox and outlines how leaders can become ‘ideaDJs’. A perfect ideaDJ mix consists of beauty, value and impact. By creating beauty, the solutions have more elegance in their implementation. It adds more value to all stakeholders, not just shareholders. And finally, the solutions create more sustainable and scalable impact. Besides many exciting examples, this book contains a clear methodology and tool kits. The main focus is to help (business) leaders to change the mindset and attitude of the people around them.