Assessing Progress Towards Sustainability. Frameworks, Tools and Case Studies

Auteur(s): Carmen Teodosiu, Silvia Fiore and Almudena Hospido
Publicatie: april 2022
Prijs: € 144,99
Taal: Engels

Assessing Progress toward Sustainability: Frameworks, Tools, and Case Studies provides practical frameworks for measuring progress toward sustainability in various areas of production, consumption, services and urban development as they relate to environmental impact. A variety of policies/strategies or frameworks are available at national and international levels. This book presents an integrated approach to sustainability progress measurement by considering both the frameworks and methodological developments of various tools, as well as their implementation in assessing the sustainability of processes, products and services through a global perspective.

Combining methods and their application, the book covers a variety of topics, including lifecycle assessment, risk assessment, nexus thinking, and connection to SDGs. Organized clearly into three main sections –Frameworks, Tools, and Case Studies–this book can serve as a practical resource for researchers and practitioners alike in environmental science, sustainability, environmental management and environmental engineering.

  • Offers an integrated approach to sustainability assessment using the most up-to-date frameworks and tools
  • Includes extensive, diverse case studies to illustrate the methods and process for using the frameworks and tools outlined
  • Provides practical insights related to challenges and opportunities to reduce environmental impacts and increase resources and energy efficiency