Boeklancering ‘Higher Ground. How business can do the right thing in a turbulent world.’


20:00 - 22:00


Pakhuis de Zwijger
Piet Heinkade 179, Amsterdam, 1019 HC
Pakhuis de Zwijger
Boeklancering 'Higher Ground. How business can do the right thing in a turbulent world.'

When did it become so difficult to establish what it means to be a good business today? Purpose statements are placated across corporate websites, yet headlines are full of news of ethics scandals, discoveries of child labor in supply chains, and employee quiet quitting. In a conversation with the audience, Alison Taylor will take us through her new book ‘Higher Ground’ and share hard-earned insight on how business can navigate this messy paradigm shift, build trust, and achieve long-term strategic advantage in a turbulent world


Alison Taylor is a Clinical Associate Professor at NYU Stern School of Business and Executive Director of Ethical Systems. She has spent the past two decades consulting with multinational companies on risk, anti-corruption, sustainability, human rights, culture and behavior, stakeholder engagement, ESG, and ethics and compliance–including as a senior advisor at sustainability nonprofit BSR, a member of the Board at Venture ESG, and a sustainability adviser at Zai Lab, KKR, and Pictet Group.

Anna Krotova is Head of Sustainability at Picnic in Amsterdam. She has been a forerunner in sustainability, advocating for transparent and responsible business practices that are rooted in respect for planetary boundaries and human rights. In her roles at the International Finance Corporation, Metabolic, Global Reporting Initiative, and several private sector companies, Anna has helped organizations improve their sustainability practices, usher in impactive changes in company policies, and encourage meaningful reflection around the issues. Anna also loves bringing together members of the sustainability community for conversations that spark meaningful action, and she’s the author of an upcoming book, “How to be a Chief Sustainability Officer.”

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