Products that last – productontwerpen voor circulaire businessmodellen

Auteur(s): Conny Bakker en Marcel den Hollander
Publicatie: november 2014
Prijs: € 24,90 / € 31,72
Taal: Nederlands

Products that Last starts where most books on product development end. From the perspective of designers and entrepreneurs, once a product has been designed, produced and sold, it disappears beyond the newness horizon. They are little aware of the opportunities that exist in the next product universe, where money is made from products in use, as well as from a product’s afterlife. These opportunities clearly exist, otherwise they would not be providing an income for so many people. However, to be recognized as segments of a circle of continuous value creation, they need reframing.

Products that Last offers readers an innovative and practical methodology to unravel a product’s afterlife and systematically evaluate it for new opportunities. It introduces business models that enable us to benefit from the opportunities offered by a much longer product life.

Products that Last changes the way designers and entrepreneurs develop and exploit goods, helping reduce material and energy consumption over time. Nothing more, nothing less.

Design professionals can use it to develop products that enable circular businesses to extend their value propositions well beyond the newness horizon.

Business professionals can use it to manage product life beyond the point of sales, and to develop new business models that generate value over longer product lifetimes.

Design students and researchers can use it as a source of inspiration and guidance, and as a springboard for the study of all the product-life questions that still need to be answered.