Webinar ‘Pioneering a Circular Future’


10:00 - 11:30


Online webinar
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Online webinar
Webinar 'Pioneering a Circular Future'

Join Global Compact Network Netherland and Green Ups, for our large scale, virtual event on circularity!

Filled with inspiration speeches, interactive break-out rooms hosted by a broad range of experts, and the announcement of the Dutch 2020 SDG Pioneer, at this event you will be able to:

 Advance your knowledge on circularity
 Be inspired by circular concepts and how they can apply to your current role
 Connect with other sustainable business leaders in times of social distancing

Let us equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to pioneer a circular future, from the comfort of your home, and register now!
The event will consist of a keynote speech by Marc de Wit, Director Strategic Alliances at Circle Economy and author of The Circularity Gap Report, followed by interactive, 30-minute break-out sessions of maximum 30 participants. Here, you will have the chance to actively engage with experts on circularity and fellow audience members on a wide array of circularity topics, such as:

Financing circularity – How can you make a profitable business case of circularity?

Matchmaking – How can you incorporate the circular economy within your company through innovation, out-of-the box thinking and new partnerships?

The Circular Economy in the Netherlands – The Netherlands has unique knowledge on circular economy, so how can we make this a top export product?

Successes and Failures – What are the challenges faced by circular initiatives in the Netherlands and how can they be mitigated?

Circularity and SDG Impact – How can circular initiatives drive business impact on all the SDGs?

Circularity in Crisis – What is the future of the circular economy after the crisis? Which unique opportunities present themselves in circularity now?

From theory to practice – What steps can you take as an entrepreneur to transform circular economy from a theoretical concept into your business practice?

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