The Sustainability Event organized by GSES on 30th of June in Amsterdam is attended by over 200 guests. All speakers including big names like Princess Laurentien van Oranje, Linda Keijzer (CEO of Xenos) and many others underlined the urgent need for sustainable change in business. 200 guests were given the opportunity to meet the diverse range of sustainability professionals and proponents who showcased the best practices and shared their insights and knowledge on topics of Corporate Social Responsibility and ESG(environment, social and governance). Amongst the speakers were Henk Rogers, the co-founder of Tetris, Supun Nigamuni from the Control Union Malasyia, Henk can Raan CIO of the Johan Cruijff ArenA, Erik Sessink of LVNL and Henning von Hoersten from ABB. A memorandum of intent and cooperation agreements to support and promote international CSR and circular economy efforts were signed. There was also presentations from very talented students of the Netherlands-Asia Honours Sumer School who described their role on a global scale and the opportunity to change the world for better.

Freek van Eijk from Holland Circular Hotspot signed a renewed partnership agreement with Global Sustainable Enterprise System (GSES)! Also the CEO of Zevij-Necomij B.V., Marc De Dobbelaere and GSES signed a very impactful partnership agreement that will help sustainalize all suppliers, partners, and products of Zevij-Necomij B.V.

Organized for the first time and hosted by Hard Edens, the event attracted seasoned sustainability experts as well as visitors that only start their journey to environmental and ethical responsibility.

Though sustainability awareness is growing, there is still not enough understanding of the urgency and the ESG implementation principles. GSES wants to make a change and offer practical, efficient and affordable tools. Supported by Postillion Hotels, FCN and Amsterdam Arena, this event is meant to bring together sustainability advocates and companies that want to improve their ESG performance.

Kelly Ruigrok, CEO of GSES, commented “go out there and change the world” and provided an overview of the purpose of the event stating GSES’s mission and aim to create a sustainable world together and showcase the progress and collaborations done so far to amplify the impact! The event received overwhelming attendance and the lively interactions and networking sessions fostered valuable connections. She was thrilled by the incredible turnout and the enthusiasm displayed by the attendees.

The event ended with a bang! Thanks to the very talented and full of energy brassband from Ritmo Entertainment who lighted up the stage and activated the audience immediately!

GSES remains committed to its sustainable practices and further expand its partnerships, implement innovative solutions, and create positive global impact.