Webinar ‘Fostering SDG-alignment of SMEs: Path to Financial Success’


09:30 - 11:00


Online webinar
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Online webinar
Webinar 'Fostering SDG-alignment of SMEs: Path to Financial Success'

In The Netherlands and in The United Kingdom– as in other countries– the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are challenged when it comes to playing a role in green transition, as their resources are limited and the current sustainability targets are ambitious. Lack of financing is often a reason behind why SMEs are not able to act sustainably and contribute to a more sustainable economy.

Moving to the regulatory environment, regulatory ESG measures applicable to businesses are constantly changing and growing expectations from investors, government, and other stakeholders. SMEs must step on the sustainability path to avoid the risk of failing against standards.

According to the European Commission, many SMEs are facing growing requests for nonfinancial sustainability information – typically from banks that lend them money and large companies that they supply. The transition to a sustainable economy is likely to mean that collecting and sharing sustainability information becomes common business practice for companies of all sizes.
Even though the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive proposal is mainly applicable to large companies, SMEs will also face proportionate standards applicable to them. Following those standards will help SMEs to report information to banks, large-company clients and other stakeholders.


Organized by the Netherlands British Chamber of Commerce and Global Compact Network Netherlands, supported by PwC, this event will bring together a diverse group of actors, such as SMEs, companies with SMEs in their network, insurance companies, and investors to:

1. Which regulation on ESG (including the SDGs) is coming towards us?
2. How will you use the SDGs to tell the strategic story of your company?
3. How will you define the topics that are specifically relevant for you as a company?
4. How do you measure progress on the topics to show the steps taken towards the SDG ambitions?
5. And how is this aligned with the upcoming mandatory regulation?
6. Ultimately, how this SDGs-alignment will lead an SME to investment attractiveness?

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