‘Powering connectivity through integrated thinking’ conferentie


10:30 - 16:30


Luiss Business School
Nieuwe Herengracht 103, Amsterdam
Luiss Business School
‘Powering connectivity through integrated thinking’ conferentie

Organized by IFRS Foundation in collaboration with Luiss Business School in Amsterdam, and benefiting from the support of Italiacamp, the aim of the Conference “Powering Connectivity through Integrated Thinking” (Amsterdam, 30th November 2022) is to engage relevant stakeholders to critically discuss about Sustainable Value Creation and Impact, Connectivity and Integrated Thinking, Sustainability and Integrated Reporting.

Hosted by Tjeerd Krumpelman (ABN AMRO and IFRS Foundation) and Cristiano Busco (Luiss Business School and IFRS Foundation), the following, among others, will be speaking at the Conference: Veronika Pountcheva (Board Member, ISSB), Robert Swaak (CEO, ABN AMRO), Sonja Haut (Head Impact Valuation, Novartis), Wim Bartels (EFRAG, Sustainability Board member), Sandra Schoonhoven (Lead Climate Risk Initiative, ING), Babs Dijkshoorn (Director CSR & Sustainability, Achmea), Jonathan Labrey (IFRS Foundation).

In addition, the Conference will feature speakers from World Benchmarking Alliance, EY, Deloitte, PWC, KPMG, Vastned Retail, Ahold, CIMA-AICPA and many other organizations.

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