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Amsterdam Business School
Plantage Muidergracht 12, Amsterdam, Nederland, 1018 TV
Amsterdam Business School
Start ESG Academy 2023

The ESG Academy equips you with the essential knowledge, skills, and capabilities to establish a solid foundation in ESG fundamentals. By completing our programme, you can develop your career as a well-informed ESG professional, enabling you to contribute significantly to the realisation of ESG objectives for your organisation and society as a whole.

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The programme is unique in its kind

We focus on building 21st century ESG capabilities and skills in the areas of transformation, stakeholder management and communication. The ESG Academy lays a solid foundation. After that, we dive into more specialist topics. You will become a knowledgeable ESG expert, with the practical skills and capabilities to partake in ESG policymaking, transformation, accounting, reporting and auditing.

Study part-time

Classes are on Friday and take place at the Amsterdam Business School in the heart of Amsterdam. The schedule allows you to pursue the programme alongside your regular employment.


Our focus is on developing 21st century ESG skills and capabilities, specifically in transformation, stakeholder management, and communication. The programme enables you to acquire comprehensive expertise in ESG and acquire practical skills and abilities to actively participate in policymaking, transformation, accounting, reporting, and auditing. By completing our programme, you will become a proficient ESG specialist.

Get a firm grasp of ESG fundamentals

After completing the programme, you will have further developed your capabilities in the following:

  1. The essential components of ESG and their interrelationships, including Environmental (E), Social (S), and Governance (G) factors.
  2. How to advise senior management on ESG issues, transformation, and strategy and how to communicate effectively with stakeholders.
  3. How to take informed actions as an ESG leader and drive positive change within your organisation.
  4. The process of designing, coordinating, implementing and evaluating ESG reporting in compliance with relevant regulations.
  5. How to contribute to internal ESG audits or external assurance on ESG reporting, ensuring accuracy and transparency in reporting.

Essential for organisations

Organisations worldwide are implementing necessary transformations to ensure ESG is firmly embedded in their strategy, processes and culture. Moreover, they are preparing to include ESG in their accounting and reporting processes, stimulated by recent and upcoming regulation such as the European Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSDR). Audit firms are pondering how to formulate substantiated opinions on the reliability of ESG reports, where greenwashing emerges as a serious risk. In order to be able to tackle these challenges, a firm grasp of ESG fundamentals is essential.


Our curriculum is specifically crafted to enable you to develop your career in ESG and contribute to sustainable development. The ESG Academy programme is organised into 4 blocks of 7 weeks each, spread across 2 semesters. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of essential ESG concepts, principles, and practices, as well as practical skills and capabilities necessary to contribute to sustainable development.

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