Report ‘Evaluating Progress Towards the Sustainable Development Goals’

Three decades following the publication of the Brundtland Commission’s Our Common Future, sustainability practitioners remain alarmed about the lack of progress the international community has made on sustainable development. While this is hardly surprising, the time is right to ask where specifically we are failing, who is accountable, and where the key opportunities are. For […] ... lees meer

Big manufacturers will have to disclose about conflict minerals according to new EU law

A draft EU regulation to prevent the minerals trade from funding conflict and human rights violations was approved by MEPs on Thursday. This “conflict minerals” law will oblige all but the smallest EU importers of tin, tungsten, tantalum, gold to do „due diligence” checks on their suppliers, and big manufacturers will also have to disclose […] ... lees meer

Stronger rights for shareholders in EU companies

New tools to sharpen big EU firms’ focus on their long-run performance, by fostering their shareholders’ commitment to it, were approved by the EU Parliament on Tuesday. They will include giving shareholders a say on directors’ pay and making it easier for firms to identify their shareholders. Rapporteur Sergio Gaetano Cofferati (S&D, IT) said: “The […] ... lees meer

Benchmark to drive corporate competition to improve human rights

The first-ever public ranking of corporate human rights performance launched today, seeking to incentivise companies in a race to the top for the moral and commercial advantages of a strong human rights record.  BHP Billiton, Marks & Spencer Group, Rio Tinto, Nestle, Adidas and Unilever are among the small group of leading performers. Costco Wholesale, […] ... lees meer

New CDP report: European companies need to do more towards corporate water stewardship

A new report titled “Catching up with the leaders: Accelerating corporate water stewardship in Europe” analyzed water-related data from 121 European companies. It reveals a growing disparity between the few leading companies and those who are lagging in key areas of water management, creating risk for themselves as well as investors. Given that the EU […] ... lees meer

Raising the bar: rethinking the role of business in the Sustainable Development Goals

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development gives business a significant role to play in efforts to achieve the SDGs, based on its ability to invest and innovate. Oxfam published an interesting paper. However, for companies to truly contribute, they must move beyond current forms of engagement, abandon a narrow focus on the SDGs as an […] ... lees meer

UN Global Compact Calls Upon Business Leaders to Consciously Champion Gender Equality

In Celebration of International Women’s Day, the UN Global Compact Reaffirms Commitment to the Women’s Empowerment Principles and Unites Business Community with Month-Long Initiatives. (New York, 8 March 2017) – Today, the United Nations Global Compact announced its plans for International Women’s Day and affirmed its commitment to uniting the business community to champion gender equality. The UN […] ... lees meer

Bells Ring around the world to signal that Gender Equality is fundamental to business

Today, UN Sustainable Stock Exchanges initiative launched a new report with GIZ, which highlights how exchanges can and are advancing UN Sustainable Development Goal 5 on gender equality. It cites a number of imperative challenges: Women take home 1/10 of global income while accounting for 2/3 of global working hours; Girls and women have equal access to […] ... lees meer

Madaster launched: Eliminating waste in the real estate sector worldwide

On February 17, the Madaster Foundation has been launched in Amsterdam. The Foundation acknowledges our planet as a closed system in which resources should not be wasted. According to Thomas Rau – one of the founders of Madaster and author of the revolutionary book ‘Material Matters’ – “Waste is material without an identity”. Madaster created an […] ... lees meer

Businesses’ responsibilities for human rights in a changing world

Looking at more than 3,000 companies listed in 35 countries, the latest Vigeo Eiris survey on corporate behaviour regarding the respect of human rights reveals striking findings.  Companies report more on their commitments to human rights than on the protection of the environment. However, only a minority of companies comprehensively commit on all areas associated […] ... lees meer