OECD: Countries are progressing too slowly on green growth

Many countries have become more efficient in using natural resources and the services provided by the environment, generating more economic output per unit of carbon emitted and of energy or raw materials consumed. Yet progress is too slow, and if emissions embodied in international trade are included, advances in environmental productivity are more modest, a […] ... lees meer

Leading business urge EU to show ambition on climate change

Leading international companies with operations in Europe have written to European environment, climate and energy ministers ahead of the June Environment and Energy Council meetings, urging them to support a continued focus on action to tackle climate change. The letter, sent today, says that the EU must continue to demonstrate leadership on climate change in […] ... lees meer

Nordic region shines in cleantech innovation leadership

The 2017 Global Cleantech Innovation Index (GCII) shows the Nordic region has the strongest cleantech start-up creation leadership for the first time. The region provides the best conditions today for clean technology start-up creation according to the third edition of the Global Cleantech Innovation Index. The report was, released by Cleantech Group and global conservation organisation […] ... lees meer

Employee Treatment, Ethics and Respectful Treatment of Customers Cited as Most Important CSR Issues

U.S. consumers rate Wegmans, Publix Super Markets, Amazon.com, Tesla Motors and USAA as the top companies for corporate social responsibility efforts, according to findings from The Harris Poll Reputation Quotient (RQ), which has identified movement, trends and insights in a changing corporate reputation landscape for the past 18 years. Other companies receiving “excellent” corporate social […] ... lees meer

The competences that a sustainability professional needs for interventions

In a paper the sustainability competences are investigated through the eyes of professional practitioners in the field of sustainability. The paper also presents empirical data that have been created using an action research approach. The design of the study consists of two workshops, in which professional practitioners in interaction with each other and the facilitators […] ... lees meer

UN Secretary-General Issues Second SDG Progress Report

The UN Secretary-General has issued the 2017 Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) progress report, providing an overview of global progress towards the 17 SDGs on the basis of the latest available data related to the global SDG indicator framework. The report notes that tracking progress on the SDGs requires an unprecedented amount of data and statistics […] ... lees meer

Is “Doing Good” Bad for a Company’s Bottom Line? Yes, Says FAU Study

Companies that try to “do good” are likely to find that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is bad for their bottom lines, according to a new study from Florida Atlantic University’s College of Business. “We found that emphasizing Corporate Social Responsibility is not good for shareholders,” said David Javakhadze, Ph.D., assistant professor of finance, who investigated […] ... lees meer

FSLCI launches Circular Economy Workshop Report

The Forum for Sustainability through Life Cycle Innovaton (FSCLI) published a report which summarizes the discussions and conclusions from the workshop “Circular Economy, Resource Efficiency, Life Cycle Innovation: Same objectives, same impacts?”, which was organized at the beginning of this year in Berlin, Germany. The industry-focused workshop brought together representatives from various companies such as BASF, Evonik, […] ... lees meer

First Estimate to Quantify Global Plastic Input from Rivers into Oceans

Researchers at The Ocean Cleanup, the Dutch foundation developing advanced technologies to rid the oceans of plastic, today published the first-ever estimate of plastic emissions from rivers into the world’s oceans. Writing in Nature Communications, they calculate that rivers annually transport between 1.15 and 2.41 million metric tons of plastic waste into our oceans. Two-thirds […] ... lees meer