“Companies participating in both initiatives have long stressed the understanding that the GRI is a practical expression of the UN Secretary-General’s Global Compact,” said Georg Kell, Executive Head of the UN Global Compact Office. “Therefore, companies may wish to use their involvement in the GRI as an example of their commitment to the Global Compact.”

Dr. Robert Kinloch Massie, GRI Steering Committee Chair said, “We believe this cooperation strengthens the Global Compact by creating an accountability mechanism for Compact endorsers. We look forward to Global Compact companies accepting this invitation to adopt the GRI Guidelines and join the growing list of GRI reporters worldwide. This is a triple win for GRI, the Global Compact, and corporate accountability in general.”

As a result of this collaboration, GRI will begin communicating directly with all companies participating in the Global Compact. GRI expects that this will result in a significant increase in the number of companies that both engage in the GRI and adopt the Sustainability Reporting Guidelines.