The Global Sustainable Enterprise System (GSES®) is a recognized automated platform to rate, verify and certify organizations, products, and projects for their sustainability performance. Today they announced the 2.0 update of the platform, adding an industry benchmark feature, a call-for-tender tool, changing the design of their Rating Cards, expanding the GSES database, and integrating the new blue planet rating system and Data for Good verification mark. On top of that, the GSES is now even faster and easier to use, saving organizations more time, money, and stress with their sustainability reporting. 

“Managing your sustainability performance is hard and even harder to do so in a time-efficient and cost-saving matter considering the overload of complex information and regulations,” said Kelly Ruigrok, CEO of GSES. “The GSES 1.0 version has been the solution for a while,” she continues, “but innovation and tackling sustainability challenges go hand in hand.” That is why the GSES team has continuously been testing the system to optimize it where needed. This innovation-driven mindset is something that shows in their 2.0 update.

The new GSES 2.0 update provides a smoother user experience and a variety of new features. With the new Industry Benchmark, members of GSES can view the sustainability performance of a single industry. In this way, they can see how one industry is performing compared to another. This feature aims to shed light on the impact industries have on the environment. With the new invite button, members of GSES can now also use the platform as a tender tool and Supplier Sourcing. Organization can invite their stakeholders and suppliers to be assessed on the GSES platform. In this way, they can encourage them to become (more) sustainable and follow their sustainability policies. With the New update, GSES also became more accessible. GSES expanded its Database with more sectors. Members of GSES can now view verified sustainability data of the textile, medical, and building sectors, which hopefully encourages professionals of these sectors to join the platform.

With the new update, organizations can also enjoy the improved Rating Cards! The Rating Cards come in a new design, making them easier to view at a glance and even more tempting to share with everyone. To encourage precisely this, the latest update also allows GSES Rating Cards to be integrated within the Data for Good PlatformData for good is a platform that transforms global sustainability data into easy-to-understand dashboards to track our progress towards a better future and empower people to achieve the world’s sustainable development goals together. On this platform, organizations create dashboards that show their process towards achieving sustainability goals; hence, GSES Rating Cards’ integration fits perfectly. Data for Good users can add GSES rating cards to their dashboards (Given they have already been rated), which will show a green verification mark on their dashboard after uploading. In this way, GSES helps Data for good prevent greenwashing on their platform.

GSES is well known in the B2B sector. However, with their new update, they also want to serve the consumer sector. Therefore, with the 2.0 update, GSES introduces their new Planet Rating Scale. This system has been developed to translate complex business ratings into simple ratings that everyone can understand no matter their educational background. It converts business ratings into a planet-scale. The more sustainable a product or service is, the more planet icons they can display on their packaging. In this way, the Blue Planet Rating System will enable customers, while, for instance, grocery shopping, to choose products, services, and sellers that are better for our future, encouraging organizations to become more eco-friendly.

GSES is an international generic sustainable set of standards and online platform that has been developed to support organizations with their sustainability reporting by making it more visible and traceable. The GSES system is an overarching and international standard that is workable for any kind of organization, product/project and supply chain. GSES has an organizational, product/project and supply chain level. GSES System aligned over 550 ecolabels, certifications, and frameworks in one platform and is usable as procurement, asset management, and measurement & certification toolset. Now with the 2.0 update, GSES offers even more possibilities to its members

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