IHC has been awarded the 2016 International Green Shipping Award for ‘The Most Sustainable Shipping Solution of the Year’. The ceremony took place during the International Green Shipping Summit in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, on 17-18 October 2016. The prize recognizes IHC’s efforts to limit the environmental impact of its vessels and equipment. 

“We are proud to have been awarded this prestigious award,” says Erik van der Blom, IHC Innovation Manager Hopper Dredgers. “The award is a great stimulus to continue developing and delivering sustainable solutions for the dredging, offshore and mining industry, driven by market developments and customer demand.”

As stated in IHC’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy, the five key elements of sustainable product development and innovation are:
1. supporting programmes that conduct research into the environmental impact of maritime activities
2. optimisation of fuel consumption and emissions reduction;
3. mitigation of underwater noise
4. efficient use of materials
5. raising the safety standard during operations.

Examples of recent product innovations in this field are:

World’s first LNG-powered TSHDs for DEME 
The unique arrangements for the propulsion and dredge pump drive – combined with the LNG installation – will ensure extremely low emission levels. The CO2 and NOx emissions are reduced, and the emissions of SOx and atmospheric particles (PM) will be practically eliminated.

Eco Control Package 
A combination of three controllers actively regulate the dredging pump, the visor of the draghead, and the vessel’s speed. This maximises suction production and minimises fuel consumption.

Improved Cutter Special Curve pump
Increasing efficiency and improving wear resistance of the material used, without losing pressure and reducing the size of the spherical passage.

Plumigator overflow
This tackles the long-suffered problem of turbidity and air beneath a vessel. In addition, it reduces the risk of wear and tear to the onboard systems.

New market opportunities

IHC continually invest in new sustainable market solutions, such as the development of a seaweed cultivation system. It also creates structures including dikes, dams, breakwaters, islands and environmentally friendly riverbanks with the use of dredged soil.