Philips’ continued investments in its brand, end-user-driven innovation and positive customer experiences consistently place sustainability at the core of business practices across the company. This philosophy has translated into notable DJSI ranking recognition for Philips on such aspects as climate strategy and on such social indicators as its human capital development.

“We’re very pleased with our position on this year’s DJSI ranking, confirming our belief that sustainability is a true business driver at Philips” said Rudy Provoost, Chairman of Philips’ Sustainability Board and CEO of Philips Lighting. “We will continue to raise the bar in this area through our overall business practices and through our health and well-being portfolio, which responds to today’s pressing global trends. This is clearly articulated through our EcoVision5 commitments announced earlier this year.”

Under the program name EcoVision5, Philips outlined three sustainability targets for 2015 in the areas of care, energy efficiency and recycling.