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Long-term business success matters – and so do your workers, communities and the planet. The UN Global Compact helps you do business right for all. 20 Years ago then UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan proposed to the business leaders of the world to initiate a Global Compact of shared values and principles to give a human face to the global market. Today, with 11.000+ companies, 3.000+ non-business participants, and 68 Local Networks we are the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative.

We strive to mobilize global and local movements of sustainable companies and stakeholders with the aim of improving the lives of current and future generations. Guided by the Ten Principles and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals we support companies and other organizations in understanding what responsible business means and provide guidance to translate their sustainability commitments into action. We stimulate and facilitate the creation of local connections paving the way for more meaningful private sector engagement in shaping the sustainability agenda.

No matter how large or small, and regardless of their industry, all companies can contribute to the SDGs. Click here to find more information on how to join the United Nations Global Compact and work together with us in this Decade of Action.

We only have 10 years to achieve the SDGs and we need everyone” – Wineke Haagsma, Board Member Global Compact NL



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Online event: How European SMEs can Contribute to a Green Recovery

Organized by the United Nations Global Compact, Rabobank, and Global Compact Local Networks in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, How European SMEs can Contribute to a Green Recovery will bring together a diverse group ...

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Workshop Stakeholder Engagement (webinar)

Global Compact Network Netherland launched the publication ’Stakeholder Inclusion as accelerator for the SDGs - Inspiration from The Netherlands’. The publication shows that the Netherlands is guiding on the way how stakeholders are involved in ...

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Organisaties hijsen bijna 1.000 vlaggen voor Sustainable Development Goals

Vrijdag 25 september 2020 precies vijf jaar geleden werden bij de Verenigde Naties in New York de Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) aangenomen door de 193 landen. De zeventien Duurzame Ontwikkelingsdoelen kwamen er om van de ...

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Global Compact Netwerk Nederland komt met concrete tools voor versnelling van de SDG’s

Vandaag 25 september, tijdens de SDG Action Day, presenteert Global Compact Netwerk Nederland een publicatie, met concrete handreiking aan het bedrijfsleven om werk te maken van meer impact op de Sustainable Developments Goals. Tevens is ...

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Diana Visser (Corbion) verkozen tot '2020 SDG Pioneer van Nederland'

Vandaag is, tijdens het evenement van Global Compact Netwerk Nederland, Diana Visser (Senior Director Sustainability bij Corbion) verkozen tot '2020 SDG Pioneer van Nederland'. Het is voor het tweede jaar dat Global Compact Netwerk Nederland ...

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