Otrium, the Dutch based premier fashion outlet marketplace today announces a partnership with Good On You, the leading reputable source for fashion brand sustainability ratings. The partnership gives Otrium’s three million members around the world more information on the brands that go the extra mile on sustainability, with a focus on people, planet and animal welfare. Otrium members can now select a filter on the website or app that shows only ‘Conscious’ brands and products as rated by Good On You, which uses publicly available information including industry standards, certifications and brands’ own reporting. Brands are asked to consent to show their rating. The Good On You app includes ethical brand ratings for close to 3,000 brands, including mainstream fashion labels and smaller, more ethical and sustainable brands.

Otrium co-founder and CEO, Milan Daniels, said: “We’re committed to finding ways to help our members shop more consciously, giving our fashion-lovers the best possible online retail experience while making sure every item of clothing produced is worn. Our partnership with Good On You will help to improve visibility for our millions of members so they can easily choose brands that go the extra mile to be more sustainable. It’s essential that we collaborate with external experts like the Good On You team. We are in the business of helping fashion brands waste less with a purpose-led vision of a circular future for the fashion industry. There are enormous challenges ahead as the world pushes towards a more sustainable future and we’re playing an important role by working with brands to help them reduce waste in fashion.”

Sandra Capponi, co-founder of Good On You: “It was natural for us to partner with an innovative platform like Otrium, we already share so many values around making it easier for fashion lovers to make more conscious fashion choices. But more than that, Otrium is helping customers find leading sustainable brands and that has huge power. When we’re all shopping more sustainably and supporting those brands doing good, then we can encourage the rest of the industry to step up and change for the better.”

Otrium’s fashion marketplace was designed to help solve the enormous multi-billion dollar industry challenge of unsold inventory. Currently, approximately 12% of clothing produced, or more than $200 billion, stays unsold sitting in warehouses. Using proprietary technology, Otrium works with fashion brands to help find a buyer for every item of clothing produced to reduce the clothing waste. It offers brands an easy way to set up an online outlet store, leveraging its in-depth analytics to ensure brands maximize their revenues and ensuring customers get the best fashion brands at exceptional prices, all with premium service.

Significant momentum behind Otrium

The news of the partnership with Good On You comes as Otrium announces new brand partners to its marketplace of over 300 brands including Theory, All Saints, Joseph & Temperley, which have been added to longer standing partner brands including Karl Lagerfeld, Alex Chung Adidas and Belstaff. On top of this the marketplace is seeing revenues more than double in 2021 and is launching in the US at the end of this month. Otrium has 3 million registered members and over 300 fashion stores now on its app. It serves over 20 markets across Europe and the US from 3 logistics hubs located in the Netherlands, UK and the United States.