An interview with Jan Lamme who is introducing Product DNA (PDNA) in The Netherlands.

What is PDNA and what is PDNA doing?

Product DNA is an advisory firm specializing in product traceability and supply chain mapping. We help companies and public organizations in their approach to traceability with the aim of promoting transparency in goods and services.

What are the successes PDNA has achieved?

Since 2005, we have developed a multi-sectorial expertise and have helped many brands in tracing, monitoring and communicating their supply chains. We have traced over 120 million articles over the year and expanded our business in main countries such as Germany, France, and the US.

For 15 years we have been offering our SaaS,, as a powerful and secured tool to any brands that want to communicate information about product supply chains to their end-consumers.
The platform helps consumers make informed decisions and to hold supply chain partners accountable for their activities in the product value chain.

What do we want to accomplish in The Netherlands?

The Netherlands is one of the most advanced countries in terms of sustainability and circularity in Europe. The government is highly involved in promoting sustainability and transparency and citizens are already well-aware of social and environmental stakes. Therefore, it is a key place for Product DNA to pursue its mission to build a transparent and circular economy in which suppliers, brands, and consumers commit to collaborative values based on respect for social and environmental responsibilities. We want to become the leading solution for brands in traceability approach.

For which sectors PDNA is an interesting company?

Supply chain traceability and brand transparency concern any industry area. We have started our activities within the textile industry before extending our expertise to cosmetics, construction, F&B, watches and jewellery, etc.
We have created an ecosystem of products and services in traceability that covers the needs of any client in any sector. Our methodology and verification process could be adapted, and we can count on an extensive network of experts to advise us in specific contexts.

How did you got involved with PDNA?

I met Robin Cornelius in 2014 at MaxTex, an organization for B2B companies in the textile sector with the focus on developing sustainable textile solution for the professional market. Since then I got enthusiastic about the Respect-Code and introduced the Respect-Code in my own company Lamme Textile Management. Since I sold the company in 2018, I help the management, on strategic and tactical level. In the talks between Robin and me, Robin asked me to join ProductDNA as Strategical Partner in the business fields I have my expertise in.

What are your goals and ambition in the near future?

As a Strategical Partner, my goal is to introduce Product DNA to leading companies or start-ups concerning traceability and transparency solutions. My ambition is that I want to contribute to a better and conscious world, step by step through pragmatic projects. Product DNA is helping companies to achieve this as well.

Why did you become a partner of the Dutch Online Knowledge Centre of Duurzaam Ondernemen?

It is important for us to actively get involved in associations and organizations that share the same values of sustainability and transparency with us. We want to contribute with our activities to encourage others to a more responsible way of doing business. The Online Knowledge Center of Duurzaam ( is also a complete webportal in the field of CSR and sustainability in The Netherlands with a wide reach. Being partner with them allows us to learn the best practices in the fields from companies, NGOs, governments and scientific institutions that want to create positive impacts for a better world.