Partnernieuws Product DNA

Product DNA is a consulting firm specialized in product traceability and supply chain mapping.

Drawing on its multi-industry expertise, the Swiss company assists companies and public organizations in their traceability efforts to promote transparency of goods and services.

Since its creation in 2005, Product DNA has already traced more than 120 million items and developed long-term relationships with numerous brands active in sectors such as construction, textile & fashion brands, cosmetics, food & beverage or luxury goods.

A reliable and efficient methodology

Product DNA has developed a unique bottom-up traceability methodology that allows companies to implement traceability requirements and transparency criteria at each stage of the supply model and thus optimize their production in an objective and non-intrusive manner.

This methodology includes mapping, documentation and supply chain analysis of selected products combined with the collect of certifications, documentary evidence and flow documents. As a third-party organization, Product DNA provides the tools necessary to understand and continuously improve its purchasing practices in a sustainable development vision, mindful of its social and environmental responsibility.

In parallel to these expertise, Product DNA also offers its Software as a Service (SaaS) to brands that wish to go further in the publication of their product supply chains to end consumers. makes mapping supply chains simple, intuitive and autonomous. It promotes a transparent approach by providing a dynamic communication solution to end consumers.