Foreign Trade Association Becoming Amfori in 2018 to Be the Voice of Global Responsible Trade


The Foreign Trade Association (FTA) announced yesterday during its annual conference that the association will change its corporate name to ‘Amfori’ as of January 2018. The new name will align the identity of the organisation with its new strategic vision for the future, Vision 2030.

Drawing on the UN Agenda for Sustainable Development, Vision 2030 enables the association to provide practical support to all businesses committed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It will also address the ever-changing global trends impacting companies, positioning the organisation firmly to be the respected voice of global responsible trade.
The new name of the organisation is directly inspired by the amphora, ancient container used by traders to ship staples around the world. They symbolise the pioneer spirit of early global traders and that trade is timeless, essential to our past, present and future.

Along with the new brand identity, Amfori will embody this strategy to clearly communicate the purpose of the association: to contribute to a world where all trade delivers social, environmental and economic benefits for everyone. “Amfori’s mission is to enable organisations to enhance human prosperity, use of natural resources responsibly and drive open trade globally. This is what we call ‘Trade with Purpose’”, said Christian Ewert, FTA Director General.

This step represents a natural evolution for the association, as this year it celebrates 40 years promoting the role of trade as a key instrument for sustainable development.

As part of its new Vision 2030, the association will focus on developing new partnerships to expand its global reach and improve local influence. It will also broaden the scope and deepen the impact of its services for the benefit of its membership, which will also grow and diversify to be able to create change and impact at scale. As of January 2018, any company carrying commercial activities will be able to join the network of 2000+ members collaborating together to become the leaders of a sustainable tomorrow.

“Through Vision 2030, we will help our members demonstrate the leading role they have in driving positive impact for the people and planet, while achieving business success. They have the power to shape the world and Amfori will be the partner to make them succeed in this journey”, stated Mr Ewert.

Mr Ewert made this announcement during the FTA conference, where over 400 industry players discussed ways to unleash opportunity for businesses and people globally through responsible trade.

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