Today, the first certificates for the Concrete Sustainability Council (CSC) responsible sourcing were awarded during Building Holland, one of the major trade fairs for building, renovation and redevelopment in the Netherlands.

The first companies that successfully finished the process were two ready mixed concrete producers (both silver), two precast producers (both bronze) and a producer of raw materials.

After launching the CSC responsible sourcing system in January 2017, there is great interest for certification in the Netherlands. “As these are the first certificates from our globally available certification system the Netherlands have again proven that they are a pioneer in sustainable construction, and I am confident that many more countries will follow their example”, said Alexander Röder, Sustainable Affairs Manager at CEMEX and Chair of the CSC.
In the Netherlands various measures have been taken to accelerate sustainability in the industry. There exists a subsidy (MIA/VAMIL) for the use of sustainable concrete. One way to prove that the sustainably produced concrete meets the requirements of this subsidy is by submitting the CSC certificate.

VOBN is the representative of the CSC certification system in the Netherlands and manages the Dutch CSC | Beton Bewust system.