Webinar ‘Digital Product Passports in a Circular Economy’


12:00 - 13:00


Online webinar
Webinar 'Digital Product Passports in a Circular Economy'

Join Cirmar in the webinar ‘Digital Product Passports in a Circular Economy’ on October 5th, from 12:00 to 13:00.

What you will learn?

If you are willing to eat your lunch while listening to us, we’ll have to make it worth your time. That is why we will give you a quick introduction to the Circular Economy, and explain how the Digital Product Passport can help accelerate and realise your sustainable, circular ambitions. After we have thanked you for joining us, you’ll have learned that there are simple, concrete steps you can take. Our objective: making sure you know what’s what, and sparking some excitement about the possibilities of Digital Product Passports.


Rens van den Boorn, Operations and ProjectsFBBasic/Cirmar
Rens is an experienced Circular Economy project manager, and responsible for Cirmar operations.

Jasper Martin, Marketing and SalesFBBasic/Cirmar
Jasper is responsible for Cirmar Marketing and Sales, and participates in Circular projects.

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