Dutch MUD Jeans member of the Circular Economy 100 Network

The Ellen McArthur Foundation reports that the opportunity for further collaboration has just been scaled with new Circular Economy 100 (CE 100) members, Du Pont Biomaterials, Procter & Gamble, Lucart and MUD Jeans. Bringing together leaders and innovators from around the world, the new members will contribute towards the transition to new business models in this unique multi-stakeholder platform.

Emerging Innovator

MUD Jeans is a Dutch denim brand that has taken the most popular fashion item in the world – a pair of jeans to put the principles of the circular economy into practice. Combining organic and recycled denim, when worn down, MUD Jeans takes back your old jeans, and thanks to innovative recycling techniques, gives them a second life. MUD Jeans’ recycling process ensures that all raw materials are reused and that waste is eliminated. High on the agenda of MUD Jean’s current circular initiatives is eradicating textile waste and the company’s carbon footprint. They are also researching how to get a 100% cellulose-based yarn and want to increase their level of transparency.

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