Arcadis today announced the ten startups selected for the second wave of its City of 2030 accelerator, powered by Techstars. This is year two of the program, which is aimed at identifying and developing innovative startups to transform the natural and built environment. One of the innovative startups in this year’s accelerator program are is Data for Good.

The startups featured are focused on developing ideas around urban planning, resiliency, sustainability, new mobility, and logistic services. The core technology and products of the various startups complement Arcadis’ existing business and strategic vision.

The theme “City of 2030” of the accelerator relates to the strategic vision developed by Arcadis and is based on the fact that in the next decade the vast majority of people will live their lives in cities. Arcadis is perfectly positioned to play a role and shape future cities. “We are excited to support the second year of the accelerator program and to work with these innovative startups to help cities plan for the future. These startups bring cutting-edge ideas to address the challenges of urban communities that are in need of unconventional solutions,” said Stephan Ritter, Arcadis Group Executive for Innovation & Transformation.

One of the innovative startups in this year’s accelerator program are is Data for Good. Data for Good is the largest community driven visual data platform in the world with the aim of creating a more sustainable, transparent and social world at local and international level together with an ecosystem of citizens, companies and governments. Data for Good achieve this by recognizing and mapping sustainable and social initiatives and verifying their impact with one, community driven world map that brings together all data. On this community driven world map you can report on sustainability, social and environmental issues and link them directly to the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN as a person, company or city.

By creating this platform we create synergy between individuals, companies and governments. This will increase the impact and efficiency when it comes to social responsibilities. Data for Good is the online ecosystem that brings together different insights and different organizations and people, for one collective goal. Also we bring together various datapartners all over the world in one platform that is useable for people, companies, cities and countries.” said Kelly Ruigrok, Founder of Data for Good platform & Managing Director of the Global Sustainable Enterprise System.