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Over the last decade, we’ve seen the rise of data, and it’s value to people and companies alike.

The rise of the industrial era has witnessed an explosion in information and chaos. Massive amounts of documents, reports, studies, about climate, health, living environment, and nature quickly become convoluted and confusing – even for experts to decipher.

Making things worse is the fact that the larger the datasets, the more complicated it becomes to get a keen and helpful collaboration going. Because the less transparent you as a person or government or organization are, the more likely you’ll be seen as untrustworthy.

That’s why we created Data for Good.

We want to be your online Mission Control center for global challenges that Unite people, knowledge, and data.

Data for Good is a unifying SaaS & Social Media Platform that connects communities, companies, and governments. Data for Good gives them a platform to report on global common challenges and goals and then get that data verified by independent audit organizations.

We are the world’s first verified data exchange platform for sustainability and transparency reporting.

And our secret sauce is second to none. The platform is rooted in:
1. Rich, verified data from public company reports;
2. That’s then added to data from partners like Dunn & Bradstreet, GSE System, and Arcadis’ sustainable cities index; and
3. Enhanced by user insights and feedback, giving the platform
unprecedented access to highly granular, real-time market conditions.

We help people companies and governments to become more transparent. As a result, this increased transparency helps us create a better living environment that’s healthier and more sustainable than their current track.

We bring people together by creating a global ecosystem that makes knowledge accessible to everyone and data understandable to everyone.