Closing the Loop is the winner of ‘De Tienduizend’ organised by Bruggink & Van der Velden Advocaten Belastingadviseurs (BvdV).

“What a great way to create wealth out of waste, to tackle a global problem head on and to add circularity to a product we all hold so dear. They are the rightful winner of this year’s award”. Yes, you can image we were very proud hearing this from the jury, last night. This jury – an eclectic startup, corporate and B corp mix – spoke of Closing the Loop’s role in making the mobile phone industry more sustainable, by offering practical services for any organisation that uses these devices for its employees.

Closing the Loop’s founder, Joost de Kluijver, described our company’s approach in his pitch, while also explaining what Closing the Loop aims to use the prize money – 10,000 euro – for. “We have developed from a small NGO, doing pilots in Africa on electronic waste collection, to a commercial organisation that delivers services for sustainable mobile phone usage, across the globe. This reward will be used to link our results and experience in the informal industry to the ambitions of the formal telecom industry, working together to make this great industry more circular.” The other candidates were MeatGreen, Thuisafgehaald, HemelsWater and SUE.