Two of the most well respected and experienced organisations operating in the Voluntary Carbon Market, ClimateCare and Natural Capital Partners, have today come together to form a world-leading solutions provider for companies and organisations looking to meet ambitious climate goals. The combined group has been responsible for the reduction of more than 100 million tonnes of CO2e.

The merger, arranged by Averna Capital, was funded by Averna’s investors in order to bring these two expert organisations together to create a market-leading business in the Voluntary Carbon Market. The group will use its access to capital, global reach, longstanding industry and project development expertise and unrivalled experience working with the world’s largest brands and global companies, to partner with clients and governments to deliver on their ambitious climate and Net Zero goals. Together the group will serve more than 500 clients across six continents and have access to upwards of 600 projects reducing and removing carbon emissions across 56 countries.

The combination of skills and expertise that the merger delivers are key elements in a strategy to further grow and develop the group to meet the increasing global demand for carbon market solutions and deliver greater scale and impact.

Edward Hanrahan, Chairman at ClimateCare said: “We have long respected the team at Natural Capital Partners for the fantastic levels of service and insight they provide to their substantial client base, as well as the value and quality of their carbon neutral certification. We look forward to combining our products and services to offer a comprehensive range of solutions that will meet the climate goals of businesses across the world. This is just the first step in our collaborative effort to work towards a truly Net Zero future, and we are excited by the opportunities to build further on this foundation.”

Stephen Killeen, Chairman and CEO at Natural Capital Partners said: “We are delighted to announce this merger with ClimateCare. With the increasing client demand for projects of the highest quality and the development of new projects, ClimateCare’s multi award-winning Project Development and Carbon Asset Development teams will further bolster the solutions we offer to guarantee tangible climate impact, sustainable development and the transformation of our global economy.”

Vaughan Lindsay, CEO at ClimateCare said: “We are hugely excited by this opportunity, bringing together the complementary strengths of our like-minded organisations, and sharing the knowledge and experience of this industry’s most respected professionals. Together we will be able to accelerate the global impact our clients can make through a comprehensive network of carbon removal and reduction projects and provide them with the reach and scale they need to deliver their climate ambitions.”

As business action on climate increases, and the Voluntary Carbon Market grows to meet the substantial demand for private sector finance, this merger creates a world-leading organisation with a unique combination of knowledge, scale, skills and resources to meet that demand.

Richard Tudor, Founder Partner at Averna Capital concludes: “When deciding where to invest in this market, it became immediately clear that over the last twenty years, Natural Capital Partners and ClimateCare have always been the benchmark organisations for quality and innovation. Bringing the two expert teams together – and at such a pivotal point in the rapid scaling and evolution of this market – is a critical first step in meeting the unprecedented demand in the Voluntary Carbon Markets globally. The combined client expertise, industry knowledge and project development strategy are key differentiators which makes the group stand above all others and ensures we are able to deliver a real and tangible set of solutions to the climate crisis. It is just the first step in our growth plan, and we look forward to further investing in this market.”