Today. Product DNA, a digital solutions provider for Product Transparency and Social Responsibility, announced that they have joined Cibutex, a cooperative built to achieve a circular economy in textiles.

By joining Cibutex, Product DNA will bring over 15 years of experience in tracing the full life cycle of a product. This experience will be applied to our “Textiles to Textiles” goal, achieving a fully circular economy for the textiles industry. To achieve this, we must be able to manage the recycling phase of the textile and track its journey from post textiles to being used as a raw material for a new product. Combining our expertise will create a complete and robust solution.

“Recycled Materials continue to have a greater importance in the supply chain” said Robin Cornelius, founder and CEO of Product DNA, “However, it can be difficult to track this phase and communicate the reuse of the material. By partnering with Cibutex, we will be able to develop clear and effective solutions.”

“We are very happy to have ProductDNA as our traceability partner” says Jan Lamme, director of Cibutex. “It is important that buyers of recycled materials know where the textiles come from and can communicate this with the consumer or businesses. Together, we can help our stakeholders to implement this step in their product life cycle.”

About Cibutex

CIBUTEX stands for “CIrcular BUsiness TEXtiles” and was established in February 2022. We work closely with upcyclers who need larger quantities of B2B post-consumer waste/resource textiles for their upcycling process. It is our ambition to take responsibility and support textile recycling to the next level.

About Product DNA

Estblished in 2005, Product DNA delivers methodologies and technology that allows companies to track their products through every step of their production. With over two hundred million products tracked, our proven solution allows companies to prove and market their efforts to deliver ethical and environmentally beneficial products.