Carbon Disclosure Project Nederland 2010 rapport gepubliceerd

Het Carbon Disclosure Project heeft het Nederland 2010 van de 50 grootste Nederlandse ondernemingen gepubliceerd.

De belangrijkste conclusies:

Highlights from 2010 Netherlands 50 disclosures

*62% (31 of 50) of largest 50 Dutch companies reported to CDP in 2010, compared to a slightly higher 64% (32 of 50) in 2009. This response rate is lower than the Global 5002 response rate of 82% (410 of 500 companies).

The Global 500 companies are presumably under more pressure to report and disclose on their carbon performance. The carbon disclosure scores of the top three companies are listed in table 1 below3 (ranked by disclosure score).

. Philips and Royal Dutch Shell also scored as two of the industry leaders in the CDP 2010 Global 500 Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index.
. The questionnaire responses indicate that top scoring companies have a considerable focus on climate change risk management and have integrated this into their overall corporate strategy, facilitating the identification of potential opportunities.
. Top scoring companies tend to have better GHG emission management processes and systems, enabling the collection and distribution of corporate climate change data (e.g. carbon emission data) to various stakeholders.

Highlights from 2010 Netherlands 50 carbon performances

The carbon performance bands were introduced by CDP in 2010. In the Netherlands 50 sample, 25 of the 31 respondents received a performance score. The distribution of the allocated performance scores is as follows: 12% (3 out of 25) are listed in performance band “A”; 60% (15 out of 25) fall into performance band “B”; and 28% (7 out of 25) belong to performance band “C”.

The carbon performance scores of the top three companies are listed in alphabetical order in table 2 below4 The top scoring companies are leaders in taking positive actions towards a low-carbon economy. Performance leaders are identifying climate changerelated risks and opportunities and are using this knowledge to gain competitive advantage on their peers. This heightened awareness helps to create economically healthy and sustainable corporations.

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