ABN AMRO, DSM en Unilever winnen Ethical Corporation Responsible Business Awards

Tijdens een ‘glamerous’ awards ceremonie werden gisteravond de winnaars bekend gemaakt van de internationaal bekende ‘Ethical Corporation Responsible Business Awards’. Drie Nederlandse bedrijven werden daarbij als winnaar uitgeroepen: ABN AMRO (‘best integrated report”), DSM (‘Responsible Business of the Year”) en Unilever (‘Human Rights’ en ook ‘Supply Chain Management’).

ABN AMRO werd de winnaar in de categorie ‘best integrated report‘ met de ‘2017 Integrated Annual Review’.  De jury zegt daar het volgende over:

“ABN AMRO have produced an excellent report that demonstrates a clear focus on integration, with clear metrics, and a clear purpose of the company’s work towards a sustainable economy. Judges would like to highlight IIRC framework adoption with external verification. Judges have seen ABN AMRO apply for this category over the last years and definitely serves as one of the leaders in this field.”

DSM werd winnaar de categorie ‘Responsible Business of the Year‘ met de campagne ‘Brighter Living for All’. De jury zegt daar het volgende over:

“DSM has shown true ambition over a number of years to put sustainability at the heart of its strategy. The co-creation of new social and environmental measurement and performance standards and transition to renewable energy (100% Netherlands, 50% US) is the ambition we require to meet the Social Development Goals ahead. Bravo!”

Unilever werd winnaar in de categorie ‘Human Rights‘. De jury zegt daar het volgende over:

“Unilever’s work across a number of fronts is highly admirable from palm oil to land rights to modern slavery. Its commitment to meaningful transparency is especially impressive. Few companies put names and numbers on salient human rights issues within their company – especially when it comes to hard-to-fix issues. Secondly, Unilever’s willingness to effect change through partnership-based dialogue and progressive political engagement is noteworthy as well. A real model for an increasingly critical topic in global corporations today.”

Unilever werd ook tot winnaar uitgeroepen in de categorie ‘Supply Chain Management’. De jury zegt daarover:

“Unilever’s approach to updating its responsible sourcing policy and extending it to include another 27,000 suppliers, many of which had never before been asked to consider responsible sourcing, environmental concerns or human rights issues, is truly innovative and impressive. Judges were particularly impressed by how in 2017 Unilever took a significant step in supply chain transparency by publishing a list of 1400 of the palm oil mills in its supply chain. It is the first consumer goods company to do so and a model to follow.”

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