“The Water Footprint Network is a multi-stakeholder platform and gateway to further the water footprint methodology and tools. The WFN offers a unique opportunity for businesses and governments to fully partner in and endorse this development and strive for implementation of the water footprint methodology to decrease the water risks to economy, society and nature and thereby moving towards truly sustainable and equitable water management” aldus Derk Kuiper, directeur van het Water Footprint Network.

Professor Arjen Hoekstra, bedenker van het water footprint concept en wetenschappelijk directeur van het Water Footprint Network: “Local water depletion and pollution are often closely tied to the structure of the global economy. Many countries have significantly externalized their water footprint, importing water-intensive goods from elsewhere. This puts pressure on the water resources in the exporting regions, where too often mechanisms for wise water governance and conservation are lacking. Not only governments acknowledge their role in achieving a better management of water resources, also businesses and public-service organizations increasingly recognize their role in the interplay of actors involved in water use and management.”