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The Netherlands
7 – 9 November, 2004

6 September 2004

Invitation to E-discussion
You are invited to share your views on Corporate Social Responsibility in the E-discussion that starts on the 20th of September. In this first E-newsletter from the European Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility we inform you about the E-discussion leading up to the Conference in November. The objective of the E-discussion is to collect best practices and consult a multi-stakeholder audience in four weeks on four issues:

1. The business case for CSR: In what way does CSR contribute to competitiveness? (20-24 September)

2. Supply chain responsibility
(27 September-1 October)

3. CSR and Small and Medium Sized Enterprises
(4-8 October)

4. Transparency (11-15 October)

The E-discussion is organised during the Dutch EU Presidency by the CSR Resource Centre Netherlands and World Bank Institute. CSR experts will moderate the discussion and will encourage participants to share their experiences and ideas. The results from the E-discussion will act as input for several parallel sessions during the European Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility in November.

Registration for E-discussion
More information on the above mentioned issues of the E-discussion is available at the E-discussion website. You are kindly invited to participate in the E-discussion, for which you can register here: www.csrwbi.org/csrcompete2004.

Competing for a sustainable future
The European Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility, to be held during the Dutch EU Presidency aims at taking concrete steps towards a sustainable future. In the expanded European Union, the challenge of the conference is to explore how CSR contributes towards the competitiveness of Europe in a more sustainable world. The three day programme invites participants from the business community, governments, NGOs and labour unions to share new knowledge, innovative ideas and partnerships. The next E-newsletter will inform you about the conference programme and registration for the conference. More information on the conference can be found at: www.csr2004.nl.