The WBCSD and Global Compact will also share experience and learning in the area of the most effective performance models and tools to integrate the universal principles of the Global Compact into business strategy.
Claude Fussler, WBCSD Project Director, will provide the practical support in the role of Special Advisor to the UN Global Compact.

In this role Fussler will contribute business experience and advice on the latest business initiatives and best management practices for Sustainable Development. He will also help shape the content and format of various policy dialogues, conferences and other high level events centered on the Global Compact principles and the business community. This activity will be separately funded by major Global Compact supporters.

The WBCSD believes that the spirit of partnerships between the UN and the Business community as promoted by the Secretary General Kofi Annan should be encouraged and supported. While a number of WBCSD members directly support the Global Compact this cooperation between the two organizations does not mean that all WBCSD members join the Global Compact. It is important that this remains strictly an individual member company decision.

Björn Stigson, President of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, said: “There is considerable scope for synergy between the WBCSD programs and the dynamics of the Global Compact. While supporting the Global Compact will rightly remain an individual company initiative, I am pleased that we can now provide an official advisory capacity to further promote the spirit of partnership between the UN and the business community.”