Rarely does one come across an individual whose achievements and modesty are in complete contrast to each other. In a world where every news and every move is a speaking point, Dr Karl-Henrik Robèrt is a wonderful misfit. Yet, this contrast is something that comes rather naturally to Dr Roberts, just like the Natural Step Framework that he is so passionate about. It was in the 1980s that Dr Roberts got thinking about the planet, its sustainability, and what he could do about it. Hence, he circulated a paper on sustainability to top 50 scientists and thinkers in Sweden, and after numerous consultations and iterations, he created a consensus report on what could be agreed about sustainability.

Then he raised private funds to send to all households and all schools in Sweden. The Natural Step was born, and one year after this Dr Robèrt put the first version of The Natural Step Framework together. The framework helps look at all activities, business, political or otherwise, from a global sustainability perspective and has been adopted by numerous corporates, over 200 cities and municipalities. Dr Robèrt, The Founder of The Natural Step, Professor in Strategic Sustainable Development at Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden, and one of Sweden’s foremost cancer scientists, speaks to Editor-In-Chief, Shashwat DC about the nuances of sustainable development. He discusses the framework developed by TNS to take on several challenges and also reveals how it grew into a nationwide movement.

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N.B. Karl-Henrik Robèrt will be key-note speaker on the 14th Dutch National Sustainability Conference (NSC) on 21 November. Meet him there and get inspired!