Dutch compliance specialist Pincvision and their client Cisco were recipients of the 2015 Oracle Sustainability Innovation Award in San Francisco. Pincvision helps Cisco comply with all environmental obligations and legislation in every country, thus contributing to the IT multinational winning the sustainability award.

Each year, the Oracle Sustainability Innovation Award is presented to companies that use Oracle software or other Oracle products to save energy, waste or emissions, design more eco-friendly products or otherwise reduce their environmental impacts while reducing costs at the same time. Cisco was nominated by Pincvision, its partner for over ten years.

Cisco is known for its routers, servers, networks and matching software. The company has operations in 165 countries and recorded 47,1 billion US Dollar in sales in 2014.

Cisco believes that technology can help people to work, live, play and learn in more sustainable ways. Using Cisco’s Energy Management software clients can monitor their entire energy consumption and lower their power usage on computers and data centres up to 35 percent. Since 2007, the company reduced its greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) by 30 percent. It installed solar systems at facilities in Texas and India, which produced 2 megawatts of electricity annually, saving 1150 metric tonnes of carbon emissions each year. Also 44 percent of the electricity that Cisco uses is green power.

“The Oracle Sustainability Innovation Awards are about honoring customers who are committed to making environmental issues a priority across the enterprise,” said Jon Chorley, Chief Sustainability Officer and Vice President of Product Strategy, Oracle.  “This year’s award winners showcased unique ways to reduce costs and improve business efficiencies through innovative green practices. We are thrilled to support their eco-transformation and sustainability success.”

In return, Cisco nominated Pincvision as its partner recipient for this award. Pincvision supports multinationals with their global trade compliance processes. With its detailed knowledge of obligations Pincvision ensures that all the goods Cisco produces, imports, exports and supplies satisfy environmental requirements and legislation worldwide. Different rules apply in each country, making compliance complex.

To fulfil these obligations for WEEE (Regulations on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) and comparable regulations in other countries, battery legislation and packaging legislation, Cisco has been outsourcing the activities to Pincvision for more than 10 years.Pincvision handles everything and allows Cisco to contribute to the circular economy and lower its environmental footprint.

Edo Bosga, CEO of Pincvision, accepted the award in person in San Francisco. ,”I am extremely proud to receive this award from two of the largest and most innovative IT companies in the world. The award is a great recognition for our dedicated services and truecollaboration,” he said.

Cisco states Pincvision deserves the award in every way. Dillard Myers, VP Global Service Logistics and Operations at Cisco Systems:“Cisco is committed to building sustainability into each business function and process, including that of our suppliers.  Pincvision, a dedicated partner that manages Cisco’s country specific take-back requirements in the EU, provides an efficient, high-quality service that is both compliant and environmentally responsible.  By consolidating the movement of end-of-life goods and materials utilizing Pincvision’s centralized compliance process, Cisco has achieved a significant reduction in our carbon footprint versus that of a decentralized model.   This partnership exemplifies our belief that technology can help us work, live, play and learn in new and more sustainable ways.”

“At Oracle, our success is driven by the achievements and innovations of our customers and partners,” said Oracle’s Vice Chairman of the Board Jeffrey Henley. “In that spirit, we congratulate Cisco’s Dillard Myers and Pincvision’s Edo Bosga as this year’s co-recipients of the 2015 Oracle Chief Sustainability Officer of the Year. Through their leadership and vision, Cisco and Pincvision have epitomized eco-transformation success and showcased the unlimited sustainability opportunities using Oracle technology.”