Upward trending and volatile materials and energy prices, difficult credit conditions and the myriad opportunities of the digital revolution are combining to make a circular economy the key value driver for the coming decades. The new book ‘A New Dynamic’ makes the contemporary case for a profound shift from throughput and a linear ’take-make-dispose’ economy to ‘roundput’ – a circular, restorative economy. The first edition of the book is now available to purchase.

Featuring some of the leading thinkers and practitioners in the field including Walter Stahel, Michael Braungart and Amory Lovins (full list of contributing authors below), the volume offers a comprehensive overview of the model, business case studies, the performance economy, history and development and the entrepreneurial opportunities of these fluid times.

The circular economy is enabled by disruptive information technology and the design of materials and products to flow in effective cycles and at high quality – ‘made to be made again’. The size of the prize is in the billions of dollars of materials cost savings per year.

A New Dynamic sets the context of the shortfalls in our current systems and presents the potential value to be gained from shifting to a dynamic, circular model.