Solinatra launched the Gordon Street Coffee capsules, made of Solinatra: the UK’s first 100% natural, home compostable coffee capsule. Award winning coffee roastery Gordon St launches the Nespresso®-compatible capsules which are made of Solinatra®, the truly sustainable alternative to single use plastics. Solinatra® is a revolutionary biomaterial that is both biodegradable and compostable, and the used coffee capsules break down in the same time frame as a banana skin. Suitable for food waste bins and garden compost bins, the environmentally friendly coffee pods offer a simple solution for customers who want delicious coffee without the bitter taste from their environmental footprint.   

With over 60 billion coffee capsules consumed each year worldwide, the environmental impact of single serve coffee capsules is staggering. Currently made from either multiple layers and components of plastic or aluminium, most coffee capsules are technically recyclable but only a very small proportion find their way to specialist recycling centres.

Solinatra® coffee capsules are home compostable, breaking down in the same time frame as a banana skin, and leaving behind zero contamination or harmful microplastics. Made with a blend of plant waste and plant- based additives, Solinatra® uses the by-products of harvested crops to create a material that looks and feels like plastic, without any of the negatives of traditional, fossil fuel based plastics. Made in the UK from UK crops, this biomaterial has an environmental footprint the fraction of traditional materials.  Unlike other products marketed as compostable, which are only industrially compostable and most often contain fossil fuel plastics which break down into microplastics, Solinatra® leaves nothing behind.

Scottish coffee brand Gordon St is renowned for its bold flavours and award-winning coffee roasts. Great Taste, the world’s most trusted food and drink awards, awarded Gordon St three awards in 2020 for its House Blend, Glasgow Roast and Edinburgh Roast.

Roasting their own coffee in small batches on site at the eponymous shop on Gordon Street in Glasgow, depth of flavour and aromatic notes are ensured by the specialist roasting team. Gordon St Coffee was the first coffee brand to roast their own coffee in store, in Glasgow city centre, and now they are the first to launch truly sustainable capsules for customers to enjoy at home or work. Available to purchase from Gordon St Coffee’s roasteries in Glasgow and Edinburgh or online from their website, the packs of ten coffee pods retail for £5.00 and are also available as a subscription.