“As a leading brewer, we believe that we should take responsibility for our actions and be clear on what others can expect from us. This new sustainability agenda coupled with our greater transparency on targets and performance reflects this belief”, says Jean-François van Boxmeer, Chairman and Chief Executive of Heineken.

Heineken has focused ‘Brewing a Better Future’ on 3 material areas:

* Continuous improvement of its environmental impact

Amongst the targets the company has set, are reduction of direct and indirect CO2 emissions in its breweries by at least 40% and water consumption by at least 25% by 2020. Heineken has also put in place initiatives that will reduce the carbon footprint in the whole value chain. As a first step, starting 2010, all replacement fridges issued to customers will be based on ‘green’ technology.

* Empowerment of people & communities

The company will introduce a series of initiatives including: in 2010, the investment of a further €10 million (to a total of €20 millillion) in the Heineken Africa Foundation , enabling up to €1 million a year to be directly investedd in local projects; by 2020 a target to expand the local sourcing of raw materials in Africa to 60%; a goal to ensure all employees and dependents have access to basic healthcare; the introduction and audit of a new employee rights policy.

* Continuing to make a positive impact on the role of beer in society

Heineken will strengthen its recognized, positive approach to responsible consumption by expanding its programmes to horeca and retail and by 2015 ensuring that all markets have a partnership that help the company play its part in reducing alcohol abuse. The company will broaden its brand-related responsibility messaging and increase its efforts working with the industry on this key issue.

A total of 23 separate programmes support the three strategic focus areas. Each programme has its own ambition, targets and actions and, over the coming 10 years, each will be implemented across the business.

The ‘Brewing a Better Future’ approach is supported by a number of key internal changes, including the addition of sustainability and people-based annual incentives for senior management performance. The company has also committed that by 2015, all operating companies will compile and issue their own local sustainability report. As a first step in 2010, 20 of Heineken’s largest businesses will issue a sustainability report. Alongside this, a new supplier code will support partnership with suppliers on the achievement of common sustainability goals.

Jean-François van Boxmeer added:” ‘Brewing a Better Future’ is a key part of our ambition to be a proud, independent, leading brewer. The actions we take as a result of our programmes will help to make us a better, stronger, and more competitive company.”

‘Brewing a Better Future’ comes a decade after Heineken published its first sustainability agenda in 2000. During that time the company has made significant progress to improve its responsibility to the environment. Heineken is a member of the UN Global Compact and subscribes to the UN Water Mandate and actively promotes responsible consumption via brand communication and responsibility activities in partnership with other beverage companies. Heineken has been ranked as the leading brewer globally and the leading beverage company in Europe within the SAM Dow Jones Sustainability Index.