Acre & John Elkington | Building Back Better: From Sustainability to the ‘Regenerative Economy’ Live Stream


17:00 - 18:00


Online webinar
Acre & John Elkington | Building Back Better: From Sustainability to the ‘Regenerative Economy' Live Stream

As the world peeks beyond the COVID-19 crisis and Joe Biden’s administration takes up residence in Washington, D.C., humankind faces an existential challenge:

How do we reignite the global economy while prioritizing infrastructure investments that slow the march of climate change?

Join us for an interactive, far-reaching live-streamed conversation with John Elkington, a world authority on corporate responsibility and sustainable capitalism, and the bestselling author of books including “Green Swans: The Coming Boom in Regenerative Capitalism.”

Among the topics we’ll tackle:

  • Bold action versus incremental improvements
  • What we can learn from feminine leadership
  • Why youth activism matters
  • The future of education
  • Bridging the rural-urban divide
  • Harnessing collaboration and collective entrepreneurship
  • The digital technology opportunity and dilemma
  • The spread of the Regeneration meme and implications

A fireside chat with John Elkington, Founding Partner at Volans. Hosted by Acre’s Catherine Harris, Head of CR & Sustainability (North America) and with guest interviewer, Heather Clancy, Editorial Director for GreenBiz.

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