Covering MBA programmes, executive education and under-graduate courses in Europe’s business schools, the directory highlights large and worrying gaps in addressing CSR / BiS in the business curriculum. It also demonstrates the patchy performance of business educators in mainstreaming these issues into core courses to ensure today and tomorrow’s leaders receive the knowledge and skills to manage effectively and sustainably in the future.

The directory includes comprehensive information on the offerings of 170 leading business schools in Europe. It is searchable by country, issue, and individual institution, giving a unique overview at regional, national and local levels. It will help guide choices by students, companies, policy-makers and others interested in finding out more about learning opportunities on CSR / BiS.

It has been strongly supported by companies as an important European -reference point” for business on these topics:

“The directory represents an important landmark in Europe for companies like Microsoft and other founding members of the European Academy who are increasingly looking to partner with business schools to develop our leaders, recruit talents and further improve the quality and structure of our management and leadership programmes”.

Philippe Courtouis, CEO of Microsoft Europe, Middle East and Africa

“This comprehensive survey of CSR research and education at universities, business schools and other educational institutions will provide a much needed map of what is being taught on CSR in Europe and where to seek training and insight. I am convinced that it will prove a valuable input to understanding how education contributes to mainstreaming CSR in Europe”

Mads Ovlisen, Chairman, Novo Nordisk

It has also received considerable praise from students and student organisations:

-This initiative has the power to revolutionize education and training in CSR. By exposing what is being taught in Universities, it will reveal that on one side our educational systems are still behind the current issues and on the other side we can learn from the few best examples. AIESEC is very excited about this tool and we hope to be able to contribute with our CSR initiatives as an example of what education could follow”.

Pedro Santos, President of AIESEC International

Asked about the project and its importance, Prof. Gilbert Lenssen, EABIS’ President said:

-We are very excited about the directory. It represents a key part of EABIS’ strategy to raise the bar across the whole of European business education. As well as creating a marketplace to match supply and demand, it will provide a unique tool to map and monitor future developments.”