7 Roles to Create Sustainable Success: A Practical Guide for Sustainability and CSR Professionals

Auteur(s): Carola Wijdoogen
Publicatie: september 2020
Prijs: € 29,75
Taal: Engels

The transitions we’re currently experiencing are of such magnitude that business as usual is no longer an option. Digitalization is radically changing the way we interact, share and produce. The energy transition requires us to question commonly held beliefs about abundance and scarcity, fundamentally rethink business models and processes and co-create innovative solutions. And with roles of government, companies, societal players and citizens shifting, gone are the days that ideas should be developed in ivory towers. Sustainability and CSR professionals are crucial change agents who can help shape and speed up these transitions.

Fulfilling this important role requires the right mindset, skills and competences. It’s far less romantic and definitely way more complicated than how it sounds, but in the end, far more satisfying than many of the traditional roles. At its core, it demands a strong belief that change is not only possible but urgent and non-negotiable. If you don’t truly believe in what you do, why should others follow you? And because of the scope of the changes needed, you can do this alone. Partnership based on equality, real dialogue and co-creation are preconditions for success. Obtaining what you want is not about selling a slick story but creating a shared mission and narrative with usual suspects as well as unexpected experts.

Different from the Dutch Original,  the international edition uses the examples and learnings from sustainability managers and experts from international companies operating in different parts of the world.  The book includes practices of sustainability professionals of Microsoft, Google, Interface, SIFCA Group, Randstad, Unilever, Dow, Philips, KPN, Kellogg Company, Arcadis, PwC, Levi;’s, Tommy Hillfiger, Rabobank, and the Hongkong & Shanghai Hotels limited and contributions of experts from Singularity University, Yale SOM and Oxford University’s Environmental Change Institute.

Todd Cort, Lecturer in Sustainability at Yale SOM about the book: “As sustainability becomes more and more central to the operations and strategies of companies, the role of the Chief Sustainability Officer becomes ever more critical and ever more systems-based. Carola guides as through the nuances, challenges and skills that are central to any CSO role today”

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