“What they did to her is really disgraceful,” Rick Ostrow, Presa’s lawyer, told the Post. “[To] fire someone who is performing well just because they are gay. It’s bad business, and it’s just not right.”

A lawyer for APB, Bruce Hood, says Presa “was fired for cause” and that the firm “denies all of her claims. Her sexual orientation had absolutely nothing to do with the decision the company made.”

According to Presa, during a lunch with her boss – in which he expressed that she was a valued employee who deserved a raise – he asked if she was living with another woman. Presa says he had been pressuring her for details of her romantic life for the entire 2 1/2 years she was with APB.

Shortly after she confirmed that she was living with another woman, Presa says she was summoned to a meeting and summarily fired from her $200,000-a-year job without reason. She was given a few minutes to clean out her desk and escorted from the building. She claims ABP executives admitted it was about her personal behavior, not her work.

Since her firing in April, Presa told the Post she has been unable to get a new job and that the story of her firing and personal life has followed her in her efforts to find employment in the financial world.